Monday, October 8, 2007

This Weekend's Accomplishments

It was a very good weekend. I completed everything on my to-do list and even did something extra that I didn't anticipate. See if you can guess what it was.
  • Sipped coffee on the sidelines of a dewy soccer field while watching The Kid work on his skills. The big happy grin on his face reflected in my own.
  • Had a school/soccer friend of The Kid's over for the afternoon on Saturday and enjoyed watching the boys play football in our yard on a sunny, unseasonably warm fall day.
  • Performed a minor makeover on our flower beds by yanking weeds out hand-over-fist to the tune of one ginormous heavy-duty garbage bag. My rose bushes are happy again, as are what was left of my peonies, which have been mercifully put out of their misery for the year.
  • Enjoyed the company of friends we hadn't seen in two years. Our patio was the setting for burgers, dogs, wine, juice boxes, brownies and lots of catching up. The kids, who have known each other since they were six months old, took turns bombing down our driveway on one of the "grown-ups" long boards.
  • Fulfilled the role of track support for My Love, who participated in a skill-honing advanced rider training program at Pocono Raceway on Sunday. My Love rode his/our bike to the track, while The Kid and I followed him in the car with his tools, lunch, camera, clothes and anything else he needed for the day.
  • Went around the track faster than just about anyone else when I got on the back of professional rider's bike. Have you ever seen the world sideways from a motorcycle? I recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

The picture is awesome! You are a hell of a lot braver than me, and a bit crazier I think. :-)