Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Disease that Keeps on Taking

This is my friend, Dee, whom I met in the UK this summer. She was our Queen Sweep who, from her perch atop her Buell, safely kept the entire lot of us together as we cruised through Scotland and England. She loved bopping around on that little thing, with her stuffed Eeyore strapped onto the back. Serene and easy to be around. That's Dee.

This is my friend, Dona, a woman with a steely will more powerful than a Mack truck. Dona takes no prisoners when it comes to fighting her disease. She appeared in the Beautiful Eight video with me and she has two gorgeous little boys.

Both Dee and Dona are doing very poorly.

Do you think that the universe hears your thoughts and can pass on strength and feelings of peace to those who need it? If so, may I request your good thoughts for Dee and Dona?


Anonymous said...

Is breast cancer The Fates way of introducing the world to remarkable women we would never have known about before?

My thoughts and prayers are with all of these wonder women

Jamie said...

Dona and Dee are both remarkable, strong and amazing!

i have faith in their courage and their spirit.

love, love, love