Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Need a Hat

F-ing hair is starting to fall out. As I will not be wearing any stupid wig, Dear Friend and I have been doing some research on the right hat for me. So far we have come up with this, this, this and this. While I happen really, really like one of them, I don't think it would be welcome at work. Or, any public place for that matter. I remain open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

grandma likes the viking hats. I Lori like the racing or flame beanie

Liza said...

Viking hat! Viking hat! Viking hat!!

xo L

Mary said...

Here's my pick.

Love ya!

Sarah said...


If you don't buy this for yourself, I will.

Sarah said...

And for the non-Muppet days (not that there ARE any of those) I like this in red:

Jamie said...

hmmm, now you truly will be an Ass Hat!


Anonymous said...

Although you have some good choices, I say you gotta go for a Coach Hat! Either the Sculpted Signature Hat or the Varigated Legacy Hat (found under Wearables). I will even spring for!


Ellyn M said...

I can make you that Viking hat... Just say the word and it is yours. I could even put F.C. on it. It could be Fjord College or F-cancer whatever you choose to tell people!

Anonymous said...

While I'm thinkin' the knitted devil hat and the devil bunny slippers to match, I bet you'd like this one:

But who needs a hat? You look terrific without one! L'Y, AJ