Monday, June 2, 2008

Lots on My Mind. And Shoulders.

I've been making appointments and chasing down medical coordinators since I got my scans back. The urgency I feel appears to be important only to me. I have managed to get my gamma knife procedure booked and I will be getting my brain fried on Thursday. While the fentanyl lollipop sounds fun, it's not enough to distract me from the fact that the titanium frame will be screwed onto my head for a third time.

On the supraclavicular node front, an appointment for CyberKnife therapy remains out of reach. I had an appointment with the radiologist, who said we could definitely hit the nodes. Since then, it has been in the hands of a single insurance coordinator, who is allegedly working on getting approval from my insurance company. I spoke to her this morning and she says she expects approval before the end of the week. That's over two weeks from when I had my appointment! And, once it comes through, I am going to have to schedule a CT and then wait a few days after that for them to map the procedure. This is taking entirely way too long. Makes me feel like taking some people to task.

So, to kill time, I've been reading lots cancer news to try and find those nuggets of hope that keep me thinking that someday there will be something for me. I liked this and found this interesting.

Oh, and on the Good Things list, I am adding:
  • Team Hill turning in another fantastic 5k team effort. The Kid handily defended his title as top 11-and-under runner at the Run of the Mill.
  • Fabulous weather for hanging out with friends and family eating brunch
  • Warm breezes and the scent of peonies that made napping on the couch following the 5K and brunch extra delightful.
  • Summer. (sigh...)

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