Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Feelin' Groovy

So: Today.

I feel really great. And that's strange to me. But, yeah. I feel kind of perky and happy and at ease with life. Oh, I know cancer is standing right behind me breathing down my neck. Jerk. But today, ignoring its threats seems as easy as a summer daydream. I am choosing not to question why I feel so... normal. Especially since I'm having gamma knife tomorrow.

Doo-too-doo! Ignoring cancer.

Today USA Today tells us about a study that replaced barium (which is just F-ing disgusting) with whole milk (which is yummy when mixed with Quik) as a contrast for X-rays. Turns out the radiologists couldn't tell who drank what by looking at the images. This article (scroll down) and a gallon of Quik-infused milk are coming with me to my next set of CTs.

During Memorial Day weekend, My Love catapulted me off the back of a jet ski. After skipping across the surface of the lake, rapidly decreasing my velocity from 40+ mph to zero mph in about three seconds, I bobbed gasping to the surface minus my eyeglasses.

So. I purchased a new pair yesterday. I think they are rather rock-and-roll. But, I fear that they may appear to some (who are less fashion forward than I) as belonging to a middle-aged woman who feels the need to make a statement with her eye wear as she feeds her many cats and curses men under her breath. Whatcha think?

Finally, thanks to Peter for this awesome little time waster. IT EVEN MAKEZ TALKIN BOUT CANCR KIND OV FUN AN SILLY.


Jamie said...



suzanne said...

Of course you were on a jet ski - that's just a water motorcycle! Good reason for the new specs, I bet you rock in them.


Anonymous said...

Huh? You didn't say anything about going on a jet ski. Were you up at Lake George? Sounds like good fun.

I still don't get the cats thing. I mean, you have dogs. BIG dogs.

xo LP

ps. Gamma knife will go just fine and you'll totally zap that brain MET.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow with the gamma knife! I bet they'll all be in awe of your glasses (which look pretty kewl to me, but mine are really dorky....)


Anonymous said...

Jet ski?? Ohmygosh.I envy your remarkable resilience and wit...Your saving traits. You are amazing Tracy.
Praying children for you daily in my classes...
Aunt Cherie (and Uncle R)