Thursday, June 26, 2008

Business as Usual: Catching Up Here

Much has happened and been planned in the past week. At least I feel like a lot has happened and been planned. But, in thinking about writing it down... eh. Business as usual for me. I don't think it's compelling reading at all.

Want to start with a status update? Ducky.

I remain at 60 mg of prednisone and the freaked out lady doesn't fit the profile. I'm doing OK on it. My biggest complaint: I feel really, really good; and it's artificial. It's because of the steroids that I'm content. And it ticks me off. See, there's the bipolar aspect, right there. I wonder what I really feel like. I haven't had any roid rages. I'm definitely a bit jittery. I see the weight, although no one else seems to. My appetite, while increased, is not ravenous. I'm not overeating. Although, my resveratrol intake has increased over what it was in the winter and spring. But, that's probably a good thing, right? (Indulge me here, would you?)

On Monday, my platelets were 103. Down from 166, but certainly respectable and treatable. I received my Avastin infusion. That made me feel a bit more secure, but I wanted my Ixempra, too. New Doctor says she wants to wait until after my CyberKnife treatment in mid-July as she is trying to reduce the risk of another platelet crash. This does not sit well with me. I want another course of chemo now. I'm already a month off my schedule. I have an appointment with her next Tuesday, at which I am going to lobby for an infusion prior to then.

I had my simulation and CTs done for mapping of my CyberKnife treatment. I'm scheduled for July 14, 15 and 18. They not only made a mold of my body, which I am to lay in during treatment, they also made a mask for my face because they don't know how far up my neck they are going to have to go. It's a flexible plastic thing and I can breathe just fine in it. But it gets strapped down. Tight. It's immobilizing and will be uncomfortable to have on for a couple of hours. Whatevs. I'll deal.

Sister #2 is going to drive up from Maryland to accompany me to the first two treatments. I'm really excited about it. Sick, this is. But, I'm looking forward to hanging out with her as I don't see her nearly enough and when I do, it's always when our enormous herd of family is around. Now I have her to myself!

I've added a new alternative therapy to my daily regimen. This always makes me nervous because there is never much, if any, clinical data behind supplements and herbs. I cannot know for sure whether something may truly be beneficial to my disease or possibly destructive to my treatment. However, I have found some loose information that indicates that EGCG may, at least, not hurt me. I intend to talk it over with both My Oncologist and New Doctor to confirm. I suggest anyone adding alternative treatments to their regular medical treatment do the same.

Metastatic Breast Cancer News Round Up
  • From US News and World Report, information about a study of vaccine therapy in metastatic breast cancer. There were only 19 women in this study and vaccines have proven rather tricky to make work in this setting. Here is the abstract.
  • A press release on the initiation of a Phase II study of CR011-vcMMAE in advanced breast cancer, which targets a protein known as glycoprotein. Just a press release announcing the company with the molecule is continuing to study it. No news or analysis here. Just, hopefully, eventual progress.
  • Business publication, Barron's has this article about the manufacturer of sorafenib. The company is currently enrolling metastatic breast cancer patients in a number of Phase II trials.
I forgot this last post, and it's too cute to pass up. After we ordered The Kid's birthday cake, The Kid and I were thinking about future birthday cakes and what they might say. The Kid decided that for his ninetieth birthday the cake should read: Wipe His Hiney, Jason's Ninety! What I wouldn't give to see that cake.


Anonymous said...

a lot of info there girlie. glad you and Katie will be spending quality time together.

Love ya. Mom

Sarah said...

I think I saw a show once at EGCG's. Down on the Lower East Side, grungy bathrooms?

Wooo for resveratrol.

I'm really digging the rose resveratrol this summer. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Anonymous said...

Loving the "resveratrol" term! Crackin' me up.

xo L

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, in reading some of the EGCG info, some of the "side effects" don't sound too bad either.....anti-aging properties for your skin, reduction in Alzheimer's symptoms.....Another thought, instead of spending your study participation "windfall" on shoes, how about investing in resveratrol? But I think I suggested that in another way already! L'Y, AJ