Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Head Adjustment Therapy: Special Session

This special session of Head Adjustment Therapy is brought to you in support of sister #3, who learned today that she, like me, has a BRCA1 mutation.

This one usually does the trick. Please rock out as only the hopeful can.


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

THANK YOU!!! Rocking out through the tears!!!
love, love, love!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard about the positive test from your Mom today. That sucks! But,Jamers,knowledge is power! L'Y, AJ

PS: Looking forward to your trip.

Amanda said...


I went to high school with Jamie and was reading her blog... and came across yours. I work mostly in the leukemia and lymphoma area but also work selling a laboratory test called circulating tumor cells or CTCs. It was recently FDA approved for metastatic breast cancer, and is sometimes used by a physician to check how a new therapy is working. Some docs believe it in while others dont, but thought I would just let you know in case you wanted to research it at all. It is not a diagnostic test but more of a prognostic marker to see if a new therapy is working.... just a thought! You must be an amazingly strong woman and you and your family are in my thoughts.


Kelley said...

gfRockin' out with you girls. Fight, fight, fight.