Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Waiting Here...

Things to do while waiting for your doctor to contact you about your scan results:

Any other suggestions? I'm open.


Anonymous said...

Your mother is definitely Yankee. Got 36%.

Anonymous said...

Well, now I know what wine to buy you next weekend for your Ro's birthday party.

Tell me you didn't listen to Farkus and buy that marshmallow gun. Seriously, that's a joke, right?

xo L

Anonymous said...

Oh! Wait! You're actually looking for suggestions, aren't you? Okay, how about weeding your front garden. I know how much you LOVE that.

Or, how about putting on some Depeche Mode or Erasure and pretending you're 18 again? That could be fun.

If those don't work for you, why don't you just eat some dark chocolate and almonds? They would go lovely with the wine. x L

Anonymous said...

Just be............Take the Kid, your Love and the camera, and hit the road.