Monday, September 17, 2007

Platelet Watch Summer 2007 (The Sopranos-Style Finale)

That’s right, I’m correlating my little summer drama to the Emmy Award-winning sort created by genius David Chase.

First, this drama's final details:

  • Today’s platelet count: 108
  • I started chemo again last Wednesday. It was just the Taxotere. Avastin is on hold because, as a biologic therapy, it may be complicit in causing the platelet problem in the first place. Once things are more stable, I believe we are going to give it another go. I hope so. I progressed on Taxotere monotherapy last year and I want my Avastin back.
  • A new plan for IV Ig is in place. I will continue this therapy three days a week for the next two weeks. During this time, I will also wean off the steroid. This revised plan should help my body continue to strengthen its ability to create platelets and reduce it reliance on this F-ING steroid safely and, critical to depriving My Love of bragging rights to justifiable homicide, sanely.
  • Scans will be scheduled before the end of the week.
As for the finale to Platelet Watch Summer 2007, my correlation works only if you are among those who, like me, believe that life goes on as usual (fictionally speaking) for Tony and the fam despite being abruptly and not at all neatly denied the opportunity to watch the insanity any longer.

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