Thursday, September 20, 2007


I met James nearly 12 years ago on the shoulder of Route 80 somewhere in Ohio during the dead of night. With my newly acquired husband’s approval, the 19-year-old kid opened the passenger-side door of his car for me, got into the driver’s seat and proceeded to drive me further into the night and rural Ohio to a run-down motel. My Love was left behind on the roadway with a handful of Mitsubishi drag racing enthusiasts to figure out a way to get his car, which was blowing oil all over the highway, to the same run-down motel before the start of a race event taking place the next day.

During the drive, James and I talked easily and a lot. I, being a mature 28, was taken by how genuine he was; how truly kind and decent. And, at such a young age! I didn’t know it at the time, but I was just getting to know one of the best friends I will have in this lifetime.

Technically speaking, James is My Love’s friend. After all, My Love did meet him first. And there is all that boy stuff: liking cars, having a passion (some would say
death wish) for scuba diving, enjoying a cigar here and there. You know. But James quickly became a part of our family, and his presence and importance in our lives has only grown over the years through moves, the birth of The Kid, my diagnosis and other crap that life throws your way, good and bad. James has been there for us with friendship, support, love and fine beverages.

So, I’ll bet right now all you single ladies in the house are just dying for a date with this paragon of manhood. Well, I’m sorry to inform you that, in addition to worming his way into our hearts and lives, James pulled the same stunt with Lovely Sarah. Only, I’m guessing the strategies were somewhat different. Ever since I met him on the highway that night, I’ve wondered if James would ever meet someone who would truly appreciate the caliber of kindness and love he could lavish upon her, and who would also be eager to heap it right back upon him. Lovely Sarah, I am so happy to say, is that person.

Lovely Sarah also has a kind spirit and a generous heart, and she is joyously, wickedly fun to be with. She shares her goodness just as quickly and easily as James. Plus, she’s a great vacation pal, as she totally gets the importance of good margaritas and massages when boys go off and do dumb boy stuff.

So imagine the joy that was concentrated in New Hampshire last weekend when James and Sarah were wed in front of so many friends and family members who, like our family, are the happy revellers in the combined love that can only be created by the pairing of James and Lovely Sarah. Imagine the joy that will continue to be and grow around all who know them, simply because they have found each other.


Jamie said...

Could they be any more perfect for one another! Much happiness, love and congrats to the newlyweds!! i love you guys dearly!

joyce said...

Much peace, love and contentment and many, many, many happy years.

Mom Pleva

p.s. no one had a more gorgeous ring bearer.