Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update: Keeping it Brief

I am completely exhausted. So, lucky you, you don't have to wade through all my prose because I just want to post a short update and then, well, since I'm at work, passing out isn't an option. But, at least look forward to passing out this evening.

Tuesday's Chemo
I had an 8:30 a.m. appointment. I didn't get my treatment until 11:30 a.m. Figure that one out. I didn't get into work and I am going to be contacting the director of the cancer center about this. Ridiculous. Also, this chemo really doesn't like me as much as past chemos have. I definitely feel icky on Ixempra. Oh well, I'll work on sucking it up. Oh, there is good news: 192 platelets!

Wednesday's Scans
All went according to plan. I was in at 8:00 a.m. and was done by 2:00 p.m. Now, I wait. I hate waiting.


Anonymous said...

I don't like the fact that Ixempra is making you sick, but I do like that it packs a kick. As a "lay person" it makes me think it's doing its job. Congrats on the platelets! And that's while the pred is being reduced, right? Thanks for the update. Didn't expect one so soon. L'Y,AJ

Kelley said...

Glad to hear about those platelets! I hope that you rebound from the chemo soon. Stay fed and hydrated. Patience vibes as you wait.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought u would of heard today that's why I checked on you Lori W. Hey joey passed a kidney stone friday

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful about the platelets! Sorry the chemo is packing a punch. Hopefully it is doing the same to those f-ing cancer cells! Good thoughts & prayers while you wait for the results! Kisses,

Anonymous said...

What to do while waiting, what to do? I know! Drink red wine.

You take care of that, and I'll continue with the NED vibes to the universe.

I hope you got some rest. xo L

Liz said...

Found this through your page on Facebook. I've got my fingers crossed for you, and am so glad to see your usual kick-a$$ attitude shining through here.