Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A New Resource for Those Living with Advanced Cancer

Laura Parisi King has been living with advanced breast cancer since 2002. She is a social worker who runs creative writing workshops for people with cancer, and support groups for men, women, patients and caregivers. Furthermore, she has been a guest speaker for various cancer coalitions and is the author of the book Dear Cancer. Did I mention that this woman is also Stage IV?! I'm tired just writing about her.

Laura has just launched a Web site specifically for people living with metastatic disease. It provides resources, information and a call to action to drive more awareness of living with advanced cancer. It is also a work in progress, so I'm betting you are going to see more on this site soon. If you are someone living with advanced cancer or happen to love one of them, please check out: http://www.livingwithstageiv.com/


Anonymous said...

Hey Tray,

I checked out this site. Very cool. I can't seem to find the "blog page." Am I missing something?


Anonymous said...

Another spirited woman. It's time you get your voices out and let people know you're out there living your lives and doing what you gotta do to raise your family, love your husband and be important. There must be many women out there who really feel alone and that there is no one else in their situation. Get the word out ladies.
Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I see why you feel a connection to Laura. You both are creative writers, living fully everyday with cancer, but not giving it credit for doing you any favors! I especially liked her "Dear Cancer..." intro and her advice on "For Family & Friends." It's a great link that I will be sure to pass along. L'Y, AJ