Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Things

  • After five weeks in the hospital, UK Sal is home and recovering. From recent correspondence, it appears her English wit and feisty spirit remains intact.
  • Amazon Heart Founder Megan will be flying in from Australia to attend the YSC Conference. I cannot wait to see her! BTW: her name is pronounced MEE-gan.
  • Going up to My Oncologist only two times a week.
  • Being around more means I get to spend more time with The Kid.
  • My Love has almost finished painting the kitchen. Photos to come soon!
  • I finally got out all (well, nearly all) of my thank you notes to those who donated to support my participation in Amazon Heart Thunder UK.
  • Lost is back on! Oh, and so is Survivor. Did the networks really have to put them up against each other? Thank goodness for Tivo.
  • It's a slow Sunday in our home and I am lazing in simply being here with My Boys. I hope your day is also one to just sink into, absorb, and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Many good things to bless this Sunday. So happy to hear about Sal.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photos on the "Thank You" from your Amazon Heart adventure. But I didn't know that your Mom was at Stonehenge with you.............Glad to hear you sounding upbeat again. L'Y, AJ