Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Weekend's Accomplishments

Running down the weekend to-do list I made for myself, I see that I have done a rather fine job of achieving my intended goals:
  • Relished in a morning horseback ride through the Hunterdon County countryside with The Kid, who was on his first trail ride, and Dear Friend, who is always up for an adventure in simple pleasures.
  • Found a shoe repair store, right in town of all places, and dropped off my favorite, though seemly cursed sandals to be repaired. Again.
  • Took The Kid to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. OK, fine. I wanted to see the movie and needed a co-conspirator. Thankfully, he's a willing participant in his mother's scheming.
  • Picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, started devouring it curled up on my couch while sipping on Cabernet and enjoyed the summer breezes breezing through my windows.
  • Cheered as My Darling Husband and The Kid -- Team Hill -- ran a 5K and was rewarded with another great opportunity to be proud of my boys. Oh, The Kid took third place in his age group. YIPPEE!
I hope your weekend was similarly productive and satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy, we love reading your updates and all your accomplishments. I told "J" at Jack's party how proud I was of him that he was running marathons...quite an accomplishment in his own right.
You may have gained 5 lbs (Tim and I can do that after one good meal I am afraid to say) but as I said before nobody looks better in a bathing suit than you...
We have our fingers crossed that you will make it to the UK. Love Tim and Pat