Tuesday, July 24, 2007

These Are the Moments, People! (No. 1)

The weather here has been lovely today. Simply lovely. Which is why I cannot understand why the hell people drive around with their windows closed. On my drive home from work today, I counted the number of cars with open windows on one hand. Four. The total number of cars with open windows on today's drive home totaled four.

Come on now, people! How on earth can whatever air is wafting around the confines of your car be even remotely close to as refreshing as the air that dances through farm meadows and dodges among the woods where we live. OPEN THE DAMN WINDOWS! Fresh hay, smoky fires and plain old, under-appreciated fresh air are there for you to inhale and savor. A breeze is waiting to kiss your face and give your hair a messy shuffle.

You are missing it.

By the way: Car dancing is highly encouraged to further enhance your open-windowed driving experience.


Anonymous said...

Car dancing rules!!! xo L

Sarah said...

I seriously saw the "car dancing" link and thought "oh my God, someone has taped me."