Friday, July 27, 2007

Platelet Watch Summer 2007 (Update No. 3)

Platelets were down to 10 this morning. My nurse practitioner said she would have let me skate for the day if it wasn't Friday. But it is. So, no skating today. Just infusing. I hauled my sorry, clot-deficient self up to Westchester and left the medical center with 43 platelets circulating through my bruised body.

I was actually feeling pretty optimistic about getting back to the office early in the afternoon and cranking through some things that needed to get done. That optimism lasted about 15 minutes. 'Cause that's when I got to the aftermath of
this. Good intentions averted.

I also got confirmation today that the previously mentioned Prosorba Column is indeed no longer available. I am to return to my oncologist's office on Monday to discuss IV Ig therapy. I don't feel like doing the research now. So, go ahead and do it yourself if you can't wait. Perhaps start
here. Let me know what you find out.

this has had me and several colleagues with similarly sophomoric senses of humor cracking up this week. Yes, we are that highbrow.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee

Bryce said...

Hey There!

We don't know each other (yet?) but your sister tells me what a fighter you are and how she looks up to you and I wanted to say as you go through your recovery you give me motivation to go through mine. Keep your head up and I hope u make your date with the motorcycle. ;) Bryce