Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Fiesty Friend Angie

My friend Angie had a really crappy Christmas. She spent it (and several weeks following) at MD Anderson after lung metastases knocked her on her ass. She learned during that time that she had also developed liver mets. This after spending months training and then completing a triathlon!

But, she is relentless in her pursuit of healing and her husband has been keeping those of us who love Ang up-to-date with a CarePage. This spirited girl is not to be held back and I love it! Here's the most recent update:

Angie is really in tune with her body. We got the
results back yesterday afternoon, and just like she predicted in the previous
post, the cancer is less active and in fewer spots. Dr. C and his nurse
practitioner Pam used the word "stable". We'll be getting copies of the full
reports as soon as they are finalized, but no surprises. She said last night
that her body just hasn't caught up with her mind on her body being healed. So,
we'll keep knowing that she's healed and that her body will follow.

Angie asked for a week off chemo yesterday, but Doc
said no. That's the right decision since her cancer is being kept in check. He
did promise to work on moving her to a different chemo in the future so her hair
can grow back, but he said that right now our biggest focus is to heal the

We just got back from a long weekend in Cancun. She's
looking great and her voice continues to get stronger.

Please send Angie any positive energy you can roust from the universe so she can continue beating the bejesus out of her disease.


Anonymous said...

OK, I sending Ms. Angie a big hunk of positive energy and love, right.....NOW!!! Slam!!!

I think that kick a met right out of her system.

Yep, I'm sure of it!

xo Liza

Jamie said...

Psh, Liza's got nothing on me. Now all the positive energy and love I'M sending her will kick a met out of her system AND get her head and body to catch up to the same way of thinking!


love, love, love!

Anonymous said...

Ditto from Mom