Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New This Week

Monday: The return to work. It's certainly good to be back in the office exercising my brain and interacting with other humans again. However, ongoing prednisone withdrawal symptoms continue to kick my ass making me all draggy and depressed. I can't wait until this crap is out of my system.

Tuesday: I now have 165 platelets onboard. That, my friends, falls into the normal platelet count range of 150 - 450. If only it were warmer outside, I'd go for a rip on my l'il Ninja to celebrate. I don't do cold.

Here's a bit of breast cancer information for you. I learned the about the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation at the YSC Conference last month. The organization is trying to raise awareness of this sub-type of breast cancer so more resources can be directed at learning and treating it. Since I am among the 15% of women with this type of breast cancer, I say go TNBC Foundation!


Anonymous said...

T, I'm sure being at work feels great on some levels & is exhausting on others. Good to hear you're out & about.

- Suzanne

hayley said...

Hi Tracy,

My name is Hayley Dinerman and I'm the Chair of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. I stumbled on your blog and read your story. I love your fighting spirit and I would like to invite you to join us on the TNBC Talk discussion boards. If you visit our website you'll see that we have a section called spotlight stories where we post inspiring stories about women living with tnbc. Would you be interested in lending your story to our cause?

You can email me at hayley@tnbcfoundation.org. I'd love to hear from you! Be well.