Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hello, WHAT?

You might recall that Avastin is part of my treatment regimen. This article in U.S News and World Report on the drug looked interesting, and I was thoroughly enjoying the information until I got deep into the story. That's when I realized the headline of the article did not prepare me for all the information disclosed. Read carefully and see if you, too, can find the words "BRAIN DAMAGE" in the article.


Anonymous said...

Tracy -
I saw the brain mentioned in the last paragraph - but now with the word damage. Did I - I don't know I am awfully tired. Just wanted you to know I love reading your blog and I think about you a lot.

Susan (or Sue615)

Anonymous said...

Number 1, you're not a mouse. #2, nothing in humans yet. I'm a little more concerned about possible kidney damage. But you also have to go by "risks vs. benefits" credo