Friday, November 2, 2007


I am remembering Dee.


And Shannon, and Mary, and Lisa, and Barbara, and Donna, and Christine, and Angela and Hope and my grandmother, and I'm going to stop making this f-ing list right now.


Liza said...

This post makes me weep.

This list makes me weep.

But, no list will take away my HOPE.

I am strong in my hope and BELIEF that you will dance at your son's wedding. That you will know the joy of having your grandchildren hug you.

I know this to be true. I know you.

I'm so sorry for Dona's boys and Dee's girls. I can't imagine their husband's sorrow.

How lucky you are to have known such fabulous women.

love you, always

Kelley said...

Hi Tracy...Was just stopping by to check on you and am sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. That they fought until the end gives me strenth. Like Liza said, it doesn't take away my hope. Sorry the chemo is kicking your butt a little, but you keep on kicking butt, girl.

XOXOX Kelley

Karina aka Clueless said...

Hi Tracy. Dee was indeed a wonderful woman and her loss hit me really hard. At her service her Mum and her family spoke of how much being such a big part of Amazon Heart meant to Dee. I know that Dee loved meeting the other riders and drew strength from her contact with you and all her other 'girls'.

Dee and all our other angel riders will be with us always. I draw strength from that.

Lots of love to you, sweet Tracy. You show this disease who's boss and keep on kicking ass.

Be well petal.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping that "remembering" didn't mean what I thought it meant. I'm sorry Tracy.

Anonymous said...

I remember my list everyday and remember my reasons for making today count. Karen Seeman are coming to see you today around 10:30/11 am. Bringing you some fun stuff. Glad to see you typing and thinking and growing stronger.

See you soon,

Joy Simha