Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Platelet Watch Summer 2007 (Update No. 4)

My friend Joy has said, "Hope is a powerful thing." I've held that observation closely since I first heard her express it, and absorbed it into my being in the days and years since. Those five words can instill calm and optimism in me whenever I think of them.

Monday morning's platelet count was 17. I felt Cautious Optimism perk its little head up when I got those results back at the oncologist's office. Dear God, am I actually on the right track now? After IV Ig treatment, I was off to the blood center for another platelet infusion. I bumped to 62. I am hoping that tomorrow, taking into account the time the correct dosage of prednisone has had to work and the added support of IV Ig, I am around 40. Following on this upward track, by Friday I am hoping to have a conversation with my oncologist about a plan for me to go to the UK for the ride.

As if I weren't all nutted out about this already, I received an e-mail from the team at Amazon Heart that outlined the bike allocations. I am slated to ride this.

Hope is a powerful thing.


hindle said...

I'm hoping for you too... :)

Jamie said...

hope truly is a powerful thing and with all the people on TEAM TRACY hope'n for you i'm quite certain you're gonna be giving cancer the BIG F YOU from the UK on your 40th!
CONGRATS on the 73 today!!!
love, love, love!

Jess said...

Oh yeah, that is one cool bike!! Your platelets are going way back up, so you can go motor to UK!

Bryce said...

Glad to hear the good news. I hope you make it 2 the uk even if you're riding a girl's bike. :p

Liza said...

I say you get another dog and name it Hope. What do you think?

Bike is awesome!!